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Portrait and nude photographer from Moscow.

I was born and spent half of my life in Odessa,

I was first introduced to photography at a young age; I remember trays with developing photos, slides and old Zenith. For many years what I used were simple film and Polaroid cameras – it wasn’t until much later that I found digital cameras till 2008 when I finally started shooting with a DSLR. Self taught, I was mainly influenced by the works of Leibovitz and Avedon. Photography is con- stantly changing, every day is something new and interesting. Photography for me – a relaxing form of self-expression, the opportunity to do some- thing useful and pleasant and to share with the world.

I mostly shoot portraits and art-nude. For me it is important to work with people. Even a simple beauty portrait which has not much need for emotional expression on the part of the model, exposes some part of the soul. But most of all, photography is communication, feelings, sensations.

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